One of the ancient kingdoms of the island, Polonnaruwa was the capital of the north central province for 3 centuries, from the 11th to the 13th, and the archaeological ruins left behind at this UNESCO World Heritage

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The island’s gem country, Ratnapura is a city full of life and energy, and a bountiful source of gems and precious stones. The city of gems can be reached via Kitulgala that is famous for certain attractions catering to adventure seekers,

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A towering rock fortress is a beautiful sight as you wake and walk out of your lodgings, powerful and ever reminiscent of the culture and history of the land and that is why Sigiriya is one UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites.

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Sri Lanka’s very own rain forest, Sinharaja translated to the ‘Kingdom of the Lion’. Home to many endemic species, this national park and biodiversity hotspot, was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

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A fan of pristine beaches, heritage and history will find Tangalle a treat. The beaches are sandy with rock formations for waves to splash, there are some best-kept secrets of the island, in this coastal town.

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