Rafters and adventure seekers alive, make way to the white waters of Kithulagala for some exhilarating rushes of adrenaline as you take to your oars and battle through the waters.

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Lush green hills and foliage of Knuckles Range, calls out many trekkers and adventure enthusiasts to traverse up to an altitude of 1400 metres to be kissed by the sun in Mother Nature’s bounty.

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Kurunegala is often called the epicentre of Sri Lanka’s route to various destinations, connecting Kandy to Puttalam and Colombo to Anuradhapura.

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Breathtaking beautiful views, blue waters, white waves lapping at the sandy beaches is what Mirissa is known for. The odd island to conquer or the cool natural rock pools are just some of bonus points offered

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Negombo, the seaside town where the beaches are heaven-sent is a piece of history left behind from the Dutch Era, with forts and canals making quaint landmarks around the area. Known to many as Little Rome,

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