Famous internationally for being a wintering ground for migrating birds, Bundala is located in the South and is UNESCO designated biosphere reserve. Bundala National Park

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The country’s metropolis, former capital and commercial hub, that boasts 400 years of history from tiny fishing hamlet at the mouth of a river to what it is today. This is not your regular urban jungle of just glass

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This was the 3rd ancient kingdom of Sri Lanka and held that title for over half a century. Situated near Kurunegala, it was once considered the capital and the remains of the rock fortress that served

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One part of Sri Lanka’s world famous ‘Cultural Triangle’, and considered one of the most important cities in the country because of its historical, cultural and agricultural value. The area is said to have the largest deposits

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A near perfect location for the nature loving and adventurous, the picturesque valley of Ella offers stunning views of the southern mountains and highlands. Famous for the main nature trails that lead through

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